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Horiba EMGA-821 Hydrogen Analyzer

System includes:

  • - The Horiba EMGA-821 Hydrogen Analyzer is designed for accurate and rapid measurements of the hydrogen content of steel, non-ferrous metals and new materials. The analyzer extracts hydrogen gas and measures it with the thermal-conductivity detector.When a large current is applied to a graphite crucible placed between the upper and lower electrodes of the extraction furnace, the crucible rapidly reaches high temperatures from the joule heating effect. Flux (Sn) is put into the graphite crucible that was previously outgassed at high temperature. After this a sample is loaded, heated and melted to extract hydrogen. CO2 and N2 are filtered while the H2 is transported using an inert gas and measured.
  • - Typical sample mass 1.0g, mass range 0.00001g to 99.99999g
  • - Sensitivity: 0.0000001%(m/m)
  • - Analysis condition: Temperature and electrical power are selectable. Comparator or time accumulation or both selectable. Timing to start accumulation is selectable.
  • - Extraction furnace: 0kW to 8kW
  • -Horiba Press for Nickel sample holder capsules
  • - Equipment racks

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