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Company History

    Both Target Technology Company LLC and its sister company Eternax Solar LLC were founded by Mr. Han Nee. The former was founded in 1998 based on the invention of a corrosion resistant silver alloy thin film material for optical discs (DVD’s, BD's and Recordable discs). This solution replaced a very expensive pure gold film, used due to it corrosion resistance for such a thin layer (less than 30 atoms thick for the silver alloy). Today in 2018, Target Technology dominates the market for this material supplying its sputtering targets worldwide directly and through its Licensees. The company holds 35-plus patents around the world. Target Technology Company has also offered sputtering targets to the solar Photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing industry giving our engineering team strong insight into the Solar PV material market. Through Eternax Solar the company developed renewable energy projects to provide low cost energy than local Utility companies in the US market.

    In addition, TTC has done multiple research and development projects in the areas of single crystal diamond growing and hydrogen in metals. In the case of the latter project, two papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Click on the links below to access the papers. Also see the June 2018 presentation from the ICCF-21 Conference.

  • Hydrogen trapping at divacancies and impurity-vacancy complexes in nickel: First principles study

  • Strong screening by lattice confinement and resultant fusion reaction rates in fcc metals

  • ICCF-21 Conference Presentation (June 2018): Lattice Confinement of Hydrogen in FCC Metals for Fusion Reactions

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